Author: expepicurean

Does Color Affect Taste?

When you pick up a sports drink or your favorite mineral infused water, do you chose by its flavor, nutrients, or color? Does the color of your food or beverage impact the way you think it tastes?   These questions intrigue me and have actually been on my mind for decades. When I…

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No-Bake Amaranth & Currant Cookies

To add variety to my family’s diet and explore gluten free options, I have been trying different grains. Amaranth is a gluten free, pseudo-cereal (it’s actually a seed) that packs an impressive amount of nutrients – it is high in calcium, iron, potassium, and protein – in its small frame. It can be…

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A Start of Something New

  After years of intent, I have finally made this blog happen. Since it is meant to be a celebration of my food adventures, it deserves a proper start with a proclamation of goodwill & thanks – a cheers. Traditionally, cheers involves the clinking of glasses and well wishing. To my daughter, cheers…

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