In Colorado, peaches grow extremely well on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. Named Palisade peaches for the area where they are grown, they are in peak season around late August to early September.  This week I couldn’t resist buying a few pounds of the fragrant, sweet stone fruit.

The peaches are so sweet they really are almost like a dessert – which gave me an idea, why not serve a simple stone fruit salad in waffle cones? I paired the peaches with black pluot bites, and added a bit of honey and fresh mint.  While simple, this really makes the peaches shine in the dish and the addition of a waffle cone as a serving utensil makes it fun.

stone fruit saladYou might even be tempted to eat a serving for breakfast rather than dessert – go ahead, I won’t tell!

Stone fruit Salad in Waffle Cone

4 medium sized peaches (~ 4 cups, pitted and chopped)
4 black pluots (~4 cups pitted and chopped)
¼ cup chopped fresh mint
2 tablespoons honey
6 waffle cones

Pit and chop the peaches and pluots and add to a large bowl. Add the mint and honey and stir to coat.  Spoon evenly into waffle cones and serve.