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Fusilli Primavera with Broccoli Pesto

In April I wrote about coming up with creative ways to eat broccoli,  setting a goal of discussing seven different recipes.  Today I want to discuss four more ideas to bring the tally to seven. First up is my most creative twist – Fusilli Primavera with Broccoli Pesto.  I subbed in steamed broccoli for…

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Lemon & Ricotta Broccoli and Chicken

A few weeks ago I attended a goodbye dinner for a client. The mealtime banter was light and fun, and at one point turned to the grocery shopping habits of another client in attendance.  It turns out that despite that fact that his Denver field assignment is without his family, he can’t seem to pry himself…

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Ninja Panini

Ah, the perils of a food blogger. Sometimes a recipe sounds better in your head, and when you try to execute the idea, it is quickly derailed. Point in case – my ninja panini. Since Ninjas are trained in the art of stealth, I thought it would be a clever name for a…

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