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Kiwi “Sushi”

This Kiwi “Sushi” recipe is one that came to me just as I was falling asleep. I was relieved that the idea hadn’t faded overnight and I couldn’t wait to prepare and photograph the snack. After making my Curry Corn Fritters I knew I had to try a sweet recipe for the So…

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Cappuccino Chia Seed Pudding

I know, I know, chia seed pudding is an “in” thing right now, but have you tried it? It is definitely worth the hype, since it has the trifecta of great taste, easy prep, and good-for-you benefits. Chia seeds are a power house of nutrition, with a high fiber content, protein, calcium, and…

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Lemondrop Melon & Mint Salad

Every now and then I am surprised by a melon variety I wasn’t aware existed. My latest find was lemondrop melon, which has a yellowish, netted exterior and pale green grooves. It is a hybrid variety or melon, which achieves a perfect blend of sweetness and citric acid content. In the United States they…

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